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Choosing the right garden fencing panels for your home

choosingPanelsIf you are on a tight budget, you may want to consider using panel fencing in order to give your home clear boundary, privacy, and security. There are many different types of fencing panels that varies in varying colours, materials, or size, corresponding to your specific needs. Some of the things to consider before buying fence panels include:


You must ask yourself, why you need to install the fence. Probably, you want to give your children some playing boundary. Perhaps, you need to have a private space in your garden, or you just want to install a fence to provide an additional decorative element in your garden. Your purpose is crucial because it will help you will all other aspects of your choice.


With a clear purpose in mind, you need to work out on the dimensions of the fence panels that you need. You might have to do some bit of measuring to identify the size, the height, and the number of fence panels that would fulfill the purpose.


The next thing that you must consider is the appearance of the fencing panels. You need to have a clear idea of the overall look that you want to achieve. This will help you decide on quality, treatment, finish, design, material, and other accessories for your fence.

There are many different designs, material, and finishes for each type of fence panels. It would range from a standard board panel or a more detailed and elaborate design. The most popular types of fencing panels that you can choose, depending on your particular purpose include:

Lap Fence Panels

If you need low-cost fencing panels that will give you some privacy, security, and clear boundary, lap or overlap fencing panels are your best option.These panels are quite similar to close board panels as they are enclosed in a heavy-duty framework. However, because they are slightly cheaper than the other types, you cannot expect it to be very sturdy.

Arguably, lap fence panels are the most popular type of garden fencing panels in the UK. These panels feature distinctive overlapping panels designed in similar fashion to an overlap garden shed. Furthermore, the cost and efficiency of these panels pretty make up for what it lacks in terms of design.

Picket Fence Panels

Picket or palisade fencing panels are your best option if you want to install clear demarcation for your back or front gardens. They are commonly installed along the passageways to enhance the aesthetic value of the garden and home surroundings. These panels feature neatly arranged, attractive gaps in between the vertical panels, to give a lovely and friendly feel to the fenced area.

If you need fence panels to enclose a focal point in your garden such as the seating or decking area, a picket fence is the perfect option. However, they do not provide as much privacy.

Trellis Fence Panels

Trellis fence panels are probably the most stylish fencing panels available. They come in a range of trellis styles such as diamond, concave, and convex, with another flamboyant option of either a wavy or a curved top. This popular type of garden fencing panels is your best option if you are looking to revitalise your garden and at the same time, set a clear boundaries that are attractive and distinct.

Close Board Fencing Panels

Close board garden fencing panels feature a heavy-duty framework that can withstand strong winds. They are much stronger than the lap panels and offers security and privacy around your garden perimeter.

If you consider buying fencing panels, you need to be familiar with what is the most popular type of panel in the UK. This will help you understand their benefits and will guide you in making the right choice.

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